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The challenge today is to be as fast as possible on the business and to reduce the cost of the support, means


With this view, the way on how we manage the identity is changing. In the past the identity was managed by IT-Operation team and today we have to provide as much as possible tools to the end-users to fulfill certain information and also to create identity for external partners. With this approach, you are faster into the business and you can reduce internal cost in terms of IT-Operation and help Desk.

FISid will integrate your needs with 2 type of solutions:

- FISid SelServices and Admin Framework tools (appliance)

- Orchestrator (Biztalk or FIM from Microsoft)


FISid Admin Framework and FISid SelfService provide a set of functions based on workflow to manage identity in conjonction with Gemalto/DS3 strong authentication solutions and with AD/ADFS architectures.


All necessary tools are in place like:

- User creation

- User revocation

- User renewal

- Password reset

- Emergency access

- Emmergency revocation

- Badge creation

- etc


The private/public cloud applications enable new needs, like the possibility for an employe to provide an account to a partner with the rightl level of authentication, like user name and password for non-critical application or username, password and one-time password for critical application.












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