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The Services are at the center of FISid concerns and are fully integrated in the proposed solutions. Two main types of services are available:

Standard project services:

  • in the pre-sales stage, FISid can provide analyses, high level design, proof of concept and documentation
  • in the sales stage, FISid can follow and help the customer to go from the staging to the production environment
  • in the post-sales stage, FISid can provide operational services to manage and keep the environment up to date

Assessment and re-engineering:

FISid can also offer to its customers to make review and assessment of the current situation in their environment with respect to the Privilege Access Management and monitoring. Since demands are changing, and technologies are of growing complexity, FISid tries to conciliate:

  • New requests
  • Need to stay as conservative as possible in the existing environment
  • Scalability possibilities.

FISid is also able to provide assessment on VMware environments, which are coming more and more complex. The security with regards to access rights, storage, and network should be managed by different rights and persons, which is almost never the case in reality. For this reason, it is necessary to make sure that the right are clearly defined from both the technical and the process perspective. VMware and Process review or re-engineering are within the exeprtise of FISid.











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