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NIDS - Display Card


The most efficient display card in the world



The NIDS106 Series provides a secure 2-factor authentication password and is available in either event or time-synchronous authentication modes. It is designed with a 6-digit high contrast LCD screen and a single button to activate the application. With the push of a button, the 106 Series generates a highly secure, unique One-time Password that is linked only to your card and appears on the card's high contrast LCD screen. Along with your user ID and static password, you enter the OTP into the log on screen to ensure that only you are authorized access to online accounts and sensitive data.

The stylish Display Card from NagraID Security is produced with vibrant customized artwork in a familiar credit card form factor. The Display is a high contrast LCD screen with superb readability designed for maximum brightness in all types of lighting. It comes with an instantaneous refresh rate and the data is able to scroll across the screen providing access to large amounts of information.

The NIDS106 Series comes standard with OATH algorithm; open-reference architecture. With OATH platform, NIDS Display Cards are designed to be interoperable to provide flexibility in solution development and deployment. It allows for strong universal OTP authentication solutions that are implemented by over 50 of the leading authentication providers today. OATH also supports a variety of algorithms such as event-based (HOTP), time-based (TOTP), and challenge response (OCRA) solutions.

Card Features

  • Magnetic Stripe: 2 or 3 Track
  • Oersted: 300 or 2750, Optional Customer Specific
  • Signature Panel: Non-Secure; Secure
  • Hologram: Non-Secure; Secure
  • Contact Chip Embedding: Customer Specific
  • Printing: State of the art offset, screen & variable imaging technologies

Personalization Options

  • Thermal Transfer**
  • Laser Engraving**
  • Indent Printing**
  • Magnetic Stripe Encoding
  • Contact Chip Perso
  • RF Chip Perso

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