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AirWatch Cloud

AirWatch is available in both a shared hosted and dedicated hosted environment and is easily accessible over the Internet. In one single instance of the software, AirWatch is able to deliver a secure and scalable solution comparable to an on-premise deployment. As an AirWatch Cloud customer, you will pay a monthly subscription fee for each device under management, which includes maintenance and system upgrades.

AirWatch On-premise

AirWatch can be deployed, managed and maintained fully on-premise. Whether you are using dedicated hardware or virtualized environments, AirWatch delivers flexibility, scalability and control. On-premise customers purchase a perpetual software license per device and benefit from full control over the management and maintenance of the system. Yearly maintenance and system upgrade fees apply.

AirWatch Appliance

AirWatch is available as a software appliance for enterprises to plug into their IT infrastructure. The AirWatch appliance is easy to install and maintain while enabling the control of an on-premise deployment. Appliance customers purchase a turnkey solution, which includes hardware components and software licenses for the number of devices that need to be supported. Cost of appliance does not include yearly maintenance and system upgrades.

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